How to judge the effect of the hand sanitizers?

During the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, disposable hand sanitizers that were used more in hospitals appeared in various public places and homes, and became essential products for work and life. Faced with the dazzling array of hand sanitizers on the shelf, how to judge the effect of the product? In terms of composition, disposable hand sanitizers are mainly divided into two types: alcohol-containing and non-alcoholic. In order to effectively eliminate the new crown pneumonia virus, alcohol-based hand sanitizers should be selected.

In order to meet the consumption needs of different groups of people in different places, disposable hand sanitizers can also be divided into gel type, liquid type, and foam type according to the dosage form, mainly in the specifications of 300 ml to 500 ml.

In addition to alcohol-based hand sanitizers, the products currently on the market generally include plant classification and quaternary ammonium salt disinfection classification. Among them, the plant components mostly contain plant extracts, which have limited bactericidal effects. Quaternary ammonium salt disinfection ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride, chlorohypochlorous acid, etc., have good disinfection effects and can effectively kill bacteria.

Guo Jidong explained that alcohol-based hand sanitizers can quickly soak and penetrate the cell membrane of microorganisms to eliminate microorganisms. Non-alcoholic products such as benzalkonium chloride and other ingredients can also destroy and block the metabolism of microbial cells. The reason why running water is not necessary is that the disposable hand sanitizer is non-toxic, non-irritating, and can quickly evaporate without leaving any residue.

It is especially important to note that it is not advisable to wipe off the wet hand sanitizer with paper, so as not to affect the use effect. In addition, disposable hand sanitizer can sterilize, but the sterilization effect will be greatly reduced in the case of oily or dirty hands, so keeping your hands clean is also very important.

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Susan F.//SMC Editor