What is the difference between medical gloves and ordinary gloves?

Disposable medical gloves are divided into surgical gloves and examination gloves, and the material composition is rubber or plastic. Uses are all used in medical, to prevent cross infection between patients and users during the medical process. Dispose after wearing it once.

Civilian gloves have a wide range of uses, including warming, anti-friction, and thermal insulation, but do not include medical.

Civilian gloves mean ordinary household gloves. They are not sterilized and cannot be protected against viruses.

Medical gloves are generally divided into surgical gloves and examination gloves. The examination gloves are relatively thin and short, which is not suitable for anti-virus use. Surgical gloves are recommended.

Latex medical gloves can be divided into: disposable sterile latex gloves, disposable latex gloves (non-sterile gloves), disposable examination gloves. Reusable gloves can be divided into: rubber oil resistant gloves (gloves in contact with mineral oil, vegetable oil and various aliphatic solvents), acid and alkali resistant gloves (suitable for acid and alkali solution gloves), plastic impregnated gloves (for Waterproof, cleaning agents, dirt and mild mechanical injuries, only suitable for cleaning agents and similar gloves). Common medical surgical gloves are sterile latex gloves, which have good toughness, high elasticity and are suitable for skin. Examination gloves are usually sterile latex gloves, nitrile gloves or PVC gloves.

PVC gloves are not as tough and fit as latex gloves. They cannot be used as surgical gloves, but they can be used as examination gloves. In addition, the price of PVC gloves is cheaper than latex gloves, and can resist weak acids and alkalis, which is completely acceptable for medical examination.

The two gloves each have their own areas of expertise, which is not suitable for comparison. The two gloves complement each other in their work. Medical latex gloves are responsible for surgical operations or some tasks that require high operations. PVC gloves are responsible for general medical examinations, such as Some work like dressing and injections.

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