In order to promote sustainability in the medium and long term, SMC Group has organized and coordinated the "SMC Promotion Basic Policy" and "Environmental Policy", and will continue to develop the group based on the spirit of "3G Philosophy" The direction of advancement is formulated as the "Basic Policy for Promoting Sustainability Development."


3G Philosophy:

Good for the seller, good for the buyer, good for the society.


SMC Promotion Basic Policy

SMC Group, adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit and corporate philosophy of "3G Philosophy" in its global business activities, regards the response to global environmental and social issues as one of the most important issues in its management policy, and practices "one person for business, mission "Infinite" corporate action guidelines, to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.



(1) Identify important issues and promote businesses that help solve social issues. As a member of the international community, identify important issues that contribute to the sustainable development of the company and society as a whole, and strive to enhance corporate value through business activities.


(2) Establish a mutually trusting social relationship and strive to disclose information accurately and clearly, and through two-way dialogue with stakeholders, accept expectations and requirements from all parties in the society and put them into practice, and strive to build the company into a trustworthy company enterprise.


(3) Pay attention to environmental and human rights issues, and strengthen the supply chain and business investment management that contribute to the sustainable use of resources. In the promotion of business activities, focus on the protection of the earth, human rights, and basic labor rights. Strive to grasp the impact of business investment projects and the supply chain of traded commodities on the global environment, human rights, and labor, and require transaction parties to understand and implement the company's sustainable development ideas, and jointly build a sustainable value chain. Respect the legal systems and international norms of each country, strive to understand the culture, tradition, and customs of countries and regions around the world, and conduct corporate activities in a fair and honest manner.


(4) Enlightenment education of "promoting sustainable development" for employees "It is every employee who promotes sustainable development." Carry out enlightenment education activities to cultivate employees' awareness of important topics. According to this guideline, each organization's action plan is formulated, and all employees take action to implement it.


Environmental policy:


Global environmental issues, led by climate change, are closely related to human survival. Groups that operate on a global scale regard global environmental issues as one of the most important issues in management, and are committed to continuous improvement of the environmental management system, reducing environmental burdens through the life cycle of business, and achieving a sustainable society through business activities make a contribution.



(1) Compliance with laws and regulations Compliance with international declarations, rules and regulations, treaties on environmental protection, as well as the laws and regulations of the countries and regions involved in business activities, and other matters agreed to by the company.


(2) Responding to climate change Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote efficient and sustainable use of energy, develop and provide goods and services that help mitigate and adapt to climate change.


(3) Prevent environmental pollution. Take active measures to prevent environmental pollution caused by chemical substances and oil pollution, and reduce its impact; reduce the discharge of air pollutants, reduce the discharge of harmful waste and wastewater, and implement Handle properly.


(4) Promote resource recycling. Promote the sustainable use of resources (fossil fuels, minerals, food, animals and plants, etc.) in the supply chain of business investment projects and traded goods, and countermeasures to save resources, reduce waste, promote recycling, and build recycling Contribute to a society-oriented society.


(5) Protect and effectively use water resources. Strive to reduce water consumption and properly treat water through efficient use and recycling of water.


(6) Protect biodiversity. Fully recognize the benefits obtained from ecosystem services, minimize the impact on biodiversity, and contribute to the protection of biodiversity.


(7) Information disclosure and communication Actively disclose environmental information and promote communication with society.



Committed to environmental issues


SMC Group provides diversified products, services and business investment activities, so it is closely related to global environmental issues.


Realizing that it is impossible to grow into a sustainable enterprise without considering the global environment, SMC Group pioneered a large-scale trading company and obtained the ISO14001 environmental management system certification in October 2003.


In order to understand the impact of business activities on the global environment and prevent environmental risks before they occur, through the use of an environmental management system, we have implemented management and control that pre-evaluates the environmental impact of the products we operate and new investment businesses.


In addition, by visiting a number of suppliers every year, SMC Group’s awareness of environmental issues can be penetrated into the entire supply chain and learn about the supplier’s experience and policies regarding environmental issues.


Contribution to society


Based on a global perspective, SMC Group consciously assumes its responsibilities as a "good corporate citizen" and contributes to the realization of the coordinated development of the local society and the realization of a sustainable society. To achieve this goal, each current law has carried out various social contribution activities centering on three key areas.


Cultivate the next generation:

Carry out activities aimed at supporting the healthy development of the next generation of young people, and contribute to the realization of a spirited and vibrant society.


Environmental protection:

Actively carry out environmental protection activities and contribute to the sustainable development of society.


Regional contribution:

As a good corporate citizen, we strive to build a good relationship with the local society and realize symbiosis with the local society.